August 11, 2010


The 1-day-1-Brand Workshop

Debbie Meltzer, Impact corporate communications, futurist marketingFun, Practical, Hands-on; 1-Day 1-Brand is an accelerated branding / re-branding workshop.

It aims to kick-start in one day your brand building, otherwise an expensive process that can take months.

1-Day-1-Brand focuses on  Go-2-Market steps and on the way debunks a lot of myths.



  • – Tangible and affordable
  • – Teams reach results that may otherwise take months
  • – Fun and challenging – everyone gets to participate
  • – Helps you to start understand how to profit from branding
  • – Addresses key question – why buy me and not the competition?
  • – Motivates and aligns your team
  • – Serves as a platform for internal branding

Who mostly for:

  • Companies aiming to set up, revive, re-brand online/offline presence
  • Startups seeking to improve fund raising chances and equity value

Preparation: Corporate profiling questionnaire

Background meetings with key team members

Prerequisite: Basic agreement on product/s, who for and the competition

Timetable: 1 working day


  • Basis for developing your brand; it’s personality, visual and verbal terminology…
  • Revisited value and vision, your brand value proposition, your key messages, your elevator pitch…

The Launch Pad Workshop

Impact Workshop, Canimpact, Debbie MeltzerExciting, Cutting Edge Marketing Mapping and Simulation Workshop. Introduces a new breakthrough skill set for planning and executing strategies. On the way serves to align your entire team behind your vision and your goals.


  • Opportunity to build or revisit your general direction
  • Works to unite your entire team and become passionately committed to the organization and its long term future
  • Especially suited as a kick-start initiative for quarterly or annual planning sessions

More information to be provided shortly…