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PR for Tech Companies

Media relations is crucial for effective PR because of its perceived objectivity. Your post on industry trends, or that item about your product breakthroughs are examples of branded content, yet a similar story in a digital publication will generate greater credibility and conversion power. Working on “Earned” Media and Owned Media is just a part of the Impact skill set.

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Content marketing

Content is key to call-to-actions, customer sign-ups and branding. With growing competition and clutter, it’s vital to create content that delivers value. Here comes the Impact advantage: While there are myriads of marketers regurgitating content, few are willing to fuse analytics, exercise original thoughts and create content that drives the customer funnel. Impact makes it happen!

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social and creative

Impact becomes your social eyes and ears, directly managing and scaling your social audience and influence. We develop and iterate content for any channel (Twitter, LinkedIn, FB…) that engages influencers directly with your brand. We help you pick and manage the right channels and plan out your messaging to establish, grow and engage your audience.

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Your ability to leverage branding, PR & social media to engage people & express your personality, is becoming an essential digital skill. Where social media really becomes valuable in business is when you can use these social networks to raise brand awareness and get new customers, leads and sales . Impact workshops are renowned for being practical, fun and hands-on.


Moving stories with the power to persuade

Impact combines innovative methods with over 20 years of Tech PR, Content, Marketing Projects and Creative to help you build your brand, get the funding you need and the exposure you’re after. Impact developed a broad client-base spanning across hi-tech, med-tech, B2B and B2C industries, from seedling start-ups to large corporations. Select clients include Intel, SAP, Technion Institute of Management, Strauss Water, Maytronics and more. Impact’s multi-disciplinary approach ensures you are at the forefront of disruptive digital marketing and PR practice – from tapping the power of Social PR to brand journalism, newsjacking and PR growth hacking.

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